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Inside the Academy we offer 2 options for Business Owners and Entrepreneurs : Business Incubator and Business Accelerator

The difference between the Business Incubator and The Business Accelerator explained


The Business Incubator is for business owners and Entrepreneurs with a monthly income of under £5k. The Business Accelerator program is there to support business owners and Entrepreneurs grow and scale their businesses beyond the 5k / month mark.

To apply to be part of one of these programs you will need to have done an Online Business Assessment prior to being accepted into either of these programs. This allows us to ensure you are in the correct place and that we will be able to support you in achieving your desired goals and outcomes.


Online business assessment

The online business assessment is conducted via zoom with Jacqui and you’ll be sent a comprehensive report on the status of your business and any key areas that require your attention. These key areas will give you a good understanding of what to focus on next and if you decide to join the Mavericks in Business Academy™ you’ll know which areas to focus on first to achieve your goals. The online business assessment fee is £197. If you decide to enrol in the Mavericks in Business Academy, this fee will be deducted from the fees due.