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Wildly Wealthy Women

Wildly Wealthy Women is a product of years of soul-searching, learning, discovery, healing and lessons learnt along the way. Jacqui is passionate about helping business women build financial resilience and financial independence in an unpredictable world.

Wildly Wealthy Women 1:1 coaching


The Wildly Wealthy Woman Coaching program is a 4 month time commitment and a multiple 4 figure investment.

This is for you if you are ready to put in the work to change your money story and see a change in your bank account and have your business grow as a biproduct of our work together.


Online Wildly wealthy woman intensive

The Wildly Wealthy Woman Intensive is conducted via zoom with Jacqui.

Whatever your current money situation, you will go through practical, energetically aligned steps you can begin to take so that the money can begin flowing to you.

During our time together, you will discover the most powerful way to create the money and the wealth you truly desire.

You will leave the call with a practical to-do list, that you can apply immediately to activate your money flow and expand your money momentum.

The online intensive fee is £197.